TL;DR (Too long; didn't read)

That's the internet in a nutshell. If it's long, boring or not in a style your audience will enjoy, something more enticing is only a click away.  Formal or informal, I can help you stick to the point and cut out the waffle.


Identifying your audience and understanding what they need to know, coupled with what will attract them to you or your product, means I can create incisive copy that does exactly what it's meant to, in the fewest and best words. I love a bit of research, reading academic papers, market comparison - the more I learn the better I can produce copy that is credible and on brand.


I've worked on website content, blogs, magazine articles, financial products, terms and conditions, letters to customers, brochures... making sure the call to action is absolutely clear, and that potentially confusing terms and instructions are re-described in a way that everyone can understand. I'm happy to tackle any subject... for any medium... for any demographic.


Maybe you already have your words, but need an objective view on how they are working. Sometimes the urge to use too many words is overwhelming - especially when it is a subject you are super passionate about. I can help cut out superfluous information, re-word jargon and rearrange text to give your reader and smooth and delighting experience.


Semi-colon or comma? You were a School Perfect? I can be your spelling and grammar police, making sure every sentence makes sense.