I love Cornwall. I love the sea. I love annoying my friends with my endless pictures of sunsets on Instagram.

I was lucky to get a place at the University of Life. The training it offers is rigorous and varied. I've had work placements in a beach cafe, a bank, a recruitment agency, a digital design agency... it's been pretty full on. 

In between, I did get an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University as well. It was where I sharpened my writing quill and my editor's knife. When you're sitting in a workshop having a piece of your 'best' writing dissected by a Booker Prize nominated author, you learn a great deal through the tears. 

With my half finished novel tucked safely under the bed, I decided to point my nib in a different direction and take my persuasive prose and heightened sense of grammar to the brave new world of digital copywriting. That was good for a bit, but now you can find me at Vitamin Cornwall where I am the Project Manager. 

...it’s her broader attitude, her intelligence and her ability to see through the waffle and cut to what is actually important that really makes her somebody great to work with...
— Paul Davies - The Design Psychologist